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i'll dance with you inside the layered light.

towards the spiral of fantasy

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25 May 1987
in je fandom: i entered in late 2005 in answer to the lure of hana yori dango and arashi, but the interest emigrated over to news when they returned from hiatus in 2007. since then, have been whole-heartedly recruited into the kato kingdom and occasionally deviate to yamashita and nishikido kingdoms if the latter two should do anything of note. tegoshi, massu and koyama take turns at being the flavour of the month. have a very soft spot for kame and jin, because i have no resistance and they are pretty damn sexy. also have flailing space available for koki, nakamaru, matsujun and toma.

in k-pop fandom: my biggest love is super junior, for reasons surrounding epik member loveships, va va voom, hysterical parodies, eye-popping synchronized dancing, swoon-worthy singing, silly gags, witticisms, bitchiness, dorkiness, and a thousand other sweet and good and spicy things. eunhyuk, donghae and sungmin make up my suju threesome of hot and talent and bffery; kangin, eeteuk, heechul, yesung, kyuhyun, shindong and henry also get special love. aside from suju, i enjoy 2ne1, snsd, dbsk, brown eyed girls, 2pm and the amazing music skillz of epik high, nell and ft island. k-pop eats my soul and messes up my head and i am letting it be so ♥

in fanfic: all fics are located at jewelledhours.

in contact: catskilt@gmail.com (email and gtalk)

...and that's pretty much it. it's rather alarming to know that i can be summed up so easily, i should really try to be more mysterious.

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